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Mandatory Equipment

Choosing suitable equipment is a key factor to the success of your race. Be sure to test your kit and your equipment before the big day to avoid unwanted surprises.


In order to ensure their security and the smooth running of each event, each participant must carry with them all the items listed in the mandatory equipment checklist (see below). And take all the equipment with them during the race even if the runner is not using it.

Systematic and/or random checks will be carried out during the race. A penalty, or even disqualification, will be applied to those runners who do not have all the mandatory equipment with them.

Please note: the items included in the mandatory equipment checklist are the basic pieces of equipment each runner must carry with them. In particular you should not choose the lightest possible clothing in order to save a few grams, but to opt for clothing that really provides good protection in the mountains against the cold, wind and snow, and therefore provides greater safety and better performance. It is essential to package all this material in such a way that it is protected from rain/snow and is not wet when it has to be used (e.g. by using waterproof plastic bags).