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Serra de Tramuntana

Dizzying cliffs overlooking the sea, lush forests of holm oak and Mediterranean pine, steep peaks of more than 1000 m, hidden pebble coves and some sandbanks are just some of the sights to be seen in this unique natural landscape.

World Heritage

The Serra de Tramuntana was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in the Cultural Landscape category on 29 June 2011. It is the international community's recognition of the almost perfect symbiosis between the action of man and nature, carried out over centuries, which has resulted in a monumental human work in which culture, traditions, aesthetics, spirituality and identity blend together.

Nature is not the only part of the Serra.Cobblestone paths, farm terraces, charcoal kilns, lime kilns, snow houses, and water channels... are some of the attractions of the Serra de Tramuntana, along with idyllic villages, picturesque towns and traditional fishing ports.

It maintains the essence of yesteryear, when the first travelers landed on the island in search of beauty and landscape observation. In the mid-19th century, the Archduke Luis Salvador of Austria was one of the first to fall in love with this environment and ensure its conservation. But he is not the only one who found refuge here. The special light of the Serra has attracted artists from all over the world and of all kinds.


The Serra is an idyllic place for hiking. Several itineraries cross it, highlighting the GR-221 route, a long-distance path structured in different stages. During the journey, there are several shelters where you can spend the night by prior reservation.

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